EcoCard Online Casino Payment Option

EcoCard Online Casino Payment Option

The process of finding a suitable partner in the online world of transactions and fund management has been made easier with EcoCard – a prepaid online payment solution that has grown in popularity over the years. While it might sound like a pre-paid card, ECOCard is essentially an e-wallet: the EcoCard account is interconnected with a bank account (credit or debit card) and it can be used for online payments (for online casinos or supported merchandisers). It is a neat, secure and fast service that has several other advantages to offer on a daily basis. Stick around and we will be examining them in closer detail.

Founded by the Com Tec Co Group and situated in Luxembourg, the EcoCard brand has established itself with a variety of services that offer secure and fast deposits/withdrawals of consumers’ funds on the internet. While offering many advantages to people from Europe, the brand has been growing steadily in many countries around the planet.

Their portfolio consists of their trade mark EcoCard, an online account which can be used for deposits/withdrawals at online gambling (betting) establishments or (through their Credit and Debit Card services) payments and withdrawals at shops or ATM’s.

The process of acquiring an EcoCard account is simple and fast. The company requires some information in order to complete the user account (like name, address, and banking information) and the user decides on the currency. Once the process is complete, the account will be activated in a short time.

In order to deposit at your favorite casino or purchase something from a website, the EcoCard ought to have its designated location to draw its funds from. This can be done via a credit (debit when applicable) card and it is rather fast. If you already own an EcoCard account you may transfer funds from there as well.

As with the majority of e-wallets and e-money transfer solutions, EcoCard also has fees that apply on either deposits or withdrawals. These fees wary depending on the amount, type of transfer (bank account withdrawal, deposit/withdrawal at an online casino) etc.

Availability and services

EcoCard is widely used and available in the majority of countries in the world. The USA is excluded from their list however, due to their laws that condemn online transfers for gambling purposes.

Apart from the sheer volume of available and supported online establishments that accept EcoCard, the brand has several advantages when it comes to unique services.

The Eco WebCard for instance, is a MasterCard prepaid for online shopping (linking a debit card to the EcoCard account will be sufficient to obtain one). It can be used for anything shopping related and is compatible with any online shop that also supports MasterCard.

Eco Prepaid MasterCard is a debit card that is linked directly to the ECO Card account. This card works exactly like a debit card, i.e. you can use it to draw cash from ATM’s and pay at any MasterCard certified location. The only limitation of the cards is that they aren’t available everywhere.