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Women in Business Q&A: Nicole Noonan, Esq., CEO of Novitas US

Nicole Noonan, Esq., CEO of Novitas US, is a nationally recognized divorce expert. Crowned the "Fairy Godmother of Divorce" by the New York Post's Julia Marsh, Nicole is an advocate for the protection of women and their rights. Nicole is a ...


From Nuptials to Nose Jobs: Marketplace Lending's Odd Niches

Divorce Loans So maybe you're starting to regret not only that wedding loan, but also the wedding itself.   Balance Point Divorce Funding — which funds divorce fees, attorney fees, and fees for forensic accountants — is one place to ...


Nicole Noonan - In the Spotlight on Resident Magazine March

By Nathaniel Goehring   Novitas, a UK-based matrimonial financing company, has tapped divorce attorney Nicole Noonan, JD to take charge of its newly formed US operations. Novitas UK provides over 400 law firms with funds for divorce proceedings,...


Till Debt Do Us Part

IN MANY Western countries, including America and Britain, divorce lawyers are not allowed to represent a client in exchange for a share of whatever settlement they secure (as opposed to charging a fixed fee). Such arrangements, it is feared, would...


Web Talk Radio - Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Please find a link below to an interview for 'Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age' for Web Talk Radio which went live on the Internet last Monday Jan 11.


Nicole Noonan beyond success August interview

Recognized by New York Magazine as New York’s Women Leader’s in the Law 2014, Nicole holds a BA from Boston College and a JD from Seton Hall University School of Law. As a former matrimonial attorney, Nicole is very familiar with the issu...


Ashley Madison hack: ‘Internet security is an oxymoron– it does not exist’

View the video at


Divorce Funding Firms Help Spouses Expecting Big Payouts

By Paul Sullivan Theresa Emerson was married for 29 years when she fled her 6,000-square-foot-custom-built-house in Palm Desert, California, last June.   It was a few months earlier, she recalled, that her husband, with whom she had bu...