Sport Betting Bets Jargon

Sport Betting Bets Jargon

Listed below, you will find the Sports betting bets jargon. These terms are often used in the betting community and it’s a good idea to go through them before going for a bet. Who knows knowing some these terms might help you make some new friends in the betting or win some extra bets. Here is the list of most common jargon used in the sports betting:-

Action: A baseball bet wherever no specific pitchers are selected. Also it is a term often used to describe bets, as in “I have action on the Packers game.”

Arbitrage: Taking each side of a bet within the event of a discrepancy with the lines, that makes either side of the bet a guaranteed profit regardless of the end result.

Back Door Cover: once the winner of the sport isn’t any longer in question and therefore the favored team is covering, solely to own the loser score late unimportant points to hide the spread.

Bad Beat: A bet that appears sort of a winner unexpectedly loses.

Bonus:  Perks offered by on-line sportsbooks to attract customers.

Bookmaker: Someone who accepts bets.

Buck: Slang for $100.

Chalk: the favourite.

Chalk Player: A better who usually takes favorites.

Cover: To beat the point-spread.

Dime: Slang for $1000.

Dime Line: A typical -110 line on a spread or total..

Double Bet: A wager that’s for double the number commonly bet by a player.

Edge: A perceived advantage in an exceedingly sporting situation.

Exotic: Wagers that fall outside the world of merely choosing a aspect.

Favorite: The aspect thought of a lot of possible to win.

First Half Bet: A bet that covers solely first-half action.

Futures: Bets created on events that lie ahead within the future by weeks or months.

Get Down: to form bets.

Halftime Bet: A bet specializing in what happens within the half of a game.

Handicapper: someone who analyzes sporting events from a wagering posture.

Handicapping: The act of analyzing a game in regard to the chances.

Handle: the whole quantity of cash put into a game or the whole stake of a bookmaker.

Hedging: Creating opposite bets to those you originally created either to minimize losses or to guarantee winning.

Juice: The bookie’s automatic commission for taking bets. take care to ascertain out our article on wherever you’ll notice reduced juice sporting. this can be second solely to choosing winners once it involves reckoning on sports. It cuts the vig down in 0.5 and can prevent a colossal quantity of cash.

Laying: To be giving points. If you are taking the Packers -9, you’re “laying nine points.”

Layoff: once a bookmaker receives a disproportionate quantity of bets on one aspect and he bets with another bookmaker to reduce his risk.

Lock: A supposed positive winning bet.

Longshot: a big loser.

Middle: Within the event of completely different unfold among different book, a player would possibly conceive to middle the bet, which implies have the result fall in between the 2 spreads in order that he wins each wagers.

Money Line: A bet that doesn’t have a point-spread, however merely focuses on United Nations agency wins the sport straight-up.

Moving the Line: Once bets are available in disproportionately on one aspect, forcing the bookmaker to form the opposite aspect a lot of engaging to bettors by creating the road a lot of favorable.

Mush: someone United Nations agency may be a jinx once it simply appears not possible to win once they’re around.

Nickel: Slang for $500.

Nickel Line: A line with reduced juice or “vig,” wherever it’s -105 for sides rather than the a lot of customary -110. notice this amazing supply at five Dimes Sportsbook.

No Action: once a bet isn’t on or there are conditions of the bet that unless met, can end in a bet that’s “no action.”

Off the Board: A game that’s not out there for betting.

Pick-’em: A game wherever neither team is favored and therefore the point-spread is zero.

Point Spread: AN quantity of points afforded to the loser team to form it even with the favored team.

Pressing: creating bets to catch up on losses.

Prop Bet: A bet that’s among an occasion, like that quarterback can throw for the foremost yards in an exceedingly game.

Price: Another word for odds.

Push: To tie in an exceedingly bet and obtain your original wager back.

Run Line: A baseball bet wherever you’re either lay or take one.5 runs.

Sides: choosing groups against the unfold.

Spread: Synonym for the point-spread.

Square: A sports better United Nations agency is weak in his picks.

Steam: once lots of individuals bet one aspect and therefore the line moves apace.

Straight Bet: Binary bets, wherever there ar solely 2 selections of equal reward.

Straight Up: once a team wins or loses with no concern for the point-spread.

Taking: once you punt a team that’s receiving points.

Teaser: A multi-way bet wherever you should to win all the bets to win, a bit like a game. you’ll move the road in your favor, however in exchange for less-enticing odds than a game.

Under: once the combined score of a game is a smaller amount than the quantity denote by the book.

Underdogs: groups or sides whose possibilities of winning are determined to be less than their opponents.

Value: A wager that’s perceived as having more chances of winning than the chances or point-spread denote by the book. Speaking important , most bettors take season off that makes completely no sense, as you’ll punt MLB underdogs, hit but five hundredth of your bets and still flip a tidy profit!